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Massena Central School District

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Indigenous Education Program


Our Indigenous Education program provides services and support for Indigenous students and families in Massena Central Schools. We work to improve and support Indigenous student achievement and graduation rates through academically rigorous and culturally responsive instruction, collaborative partnerships, and family and student engagement. 
Classroom Support
  • Culturally relevant books for all of our school media centers, supporting and validating Native heritage
  • Professional development opportunities for MCS staff, to build cultural competency and knowledge of Native culture
Family Support
  • Annual cultural family events
  • Free school supplies for K-12 indigenous families to support learning and education
  • Culturally relevant books for Native students, supporting and validating their heritage
  • Support from the Indigenous Education Coordinator during meetings with school administration
Student Support
  • Students are connected with services to support their school and personal success
  • Clubs and affinity groups are available for Native students to join
  • Special college tours and visits for Native students
  • Graduation stoles for Native graduates

2023-24 Program Goals 

Student Academic Goals
  • The Indigenous Education Coordinator will collaborate with elementary and secondary administration to ensure the curriculum provided to schools is meeting the needs, interests and cultural heritage of Native American students.  
  • The Indigenous Education Coordinator will attend professional development opportunities and encourage relevant district-level staff to attend professional development opportunities pertaining to Indigenous Education.
  • Native American students will see themselves represented in the school curriculum, media and family cultural events offered by MCS Indigenous Education in order to positively reinforce the self-image of Native American students.
  • 50% of Native American students will attend at least one MCS Indigenous Education cultural family event. 
  • Native American students will receive the same opportunities and experiences that are offered to all MCS students by removing any cost-related barriers that may prevent families from otherwise participating. 

Resources for Native American Families

506 Form Information
The 506 form is used to apply and qualify for the formula grant under the Office of Indian Education.
Massena Central School District's American Indian Education Program can use the funds from
Title VI for supplies, books, college visits, and cultural events.
Who is eligible to turn in a 506 form? If a student OR a student's parent OR a student’s grandparent is an
enrolled member of an American Indian Tribe/Nation a 506 form can be filled out.

Additional Programs and Contact Information

The MCSD is fortunate to have many programs serving students. Some of these programs are housed right here in the school on a full time or part-time basis, others are available to come to the school on an as-needed basis.
Agency Name Phone Number Email
Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club
Nikaiataa Skidders 518-358-9911 [email protected]
Title VI Program Coordinator 
Danielle Chapman  315-764-3700
Massena Athletic Dept.
Gavin Regan 315-764-3710 [email protected]
Police Activities League of Massena 
Jodell Hammock  315-705-6075
Massena Director of Curriculum Nicole Charleson 315-764-3700
Massena Director of Special Education Megan Castell 315-764-3700
MCS Community Schools Coordinator Emily Kimble 315-296-0240
Ryan Ransom 315-267-2623
SRMT – Adult/Child Protection Marla Light 518-358-9659 [email protected]
SRMT – Intensive Preventive IPP-DSS 
Jean Square 518-358-3416 [email protected]
SRMT – College & Career Services Manager
Joni Waukey 518-358-4516
SRMT Education Division
Stephanie Cook 518-358-2272 [email protected]
SRMT Mental Health
Wahienhawi Hall 518-358-3141 [email protected]
Massena High School:
Robin Logan, Title VI Native American Supported Study, Culture & History Teacher
Ryan Ransom, Mohawk Language Specialist, NCSTEP Assistant Director, MBK Coordinator
Tyler Sunday, Education Specialist, Academic Assistance
Narissa Thompson, Education Specialist, Academic Assistance
J.W. Leary Jr. High:
Joanne JockoAssistant School Counselor, JH-HS Mohawk Club Advisor
Jefferson Elementary:
Shelby Bero, Literacy Teacher, Elem Mohawk Club Advisor
Lauralee Lazore, ARCH Student Enhancement, SRMT-Ed Division