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Massena Central School District

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Purchasing & Accounting

Property Taxes

For Questions, Contact Taya Price at (315) 769-7109 or [email protected]


Making a Deposit

A deposit form must be filled out for each deposit detailing the amount of money collected and the source of the money.  Currency must be separated by denominations and banded appropriately.  Coins must also be counted and rolled.  All cash must be placed in a sealed plastic money bag.  Checks must be listed, indicating the check number and the dollar amount, in an excel spreadsheet.  Checks must be placed in a separate plain envelope and put with the sealed money bag.  All money must be secured at all times and no money must be taken off school property.  Deposits must be sent to the District Treasurer immediately after collection. 

If the delivery of the deposit can not be made to Central Office, please contact the District Treasurer and arrangements for pickup at your building will be made.  Deposit forms, coin wrappers, loose coin envelopes and money bags are available in the Business Office.



Purchasing through BOCES bids allows school districts to join together to receive bulk discounts from companies.  BOCES bids are sent out to all the buildings in around November to determine the items that should be on the bids.  These initial bids are only to determine demand for items and pricing.  Final bids are awarded around April with the winning vendor and pricing.  These bids are sent out again to all the buildings so orders can be placed for the following years supplies.  BOCES bids should be used for the majority of purchasing for the District.  If an item is not on the initial bids they can be added and possible awarded if there is enough requests.  For more information about BOCES bids please contact Mallory at Ext. 3012.

New York State Contract

Many companies provide special pricing to New York State School Districts.  Companies such as Staples and Dell provide us with reduced prices on many items.  To view the reduced price list for Staples click here:

Links & Info
Mileage is reimbursed at a rate of  $.655/mile in 2023.


Juli Locey - Accounts Payable Clerk

Phone number: (315) 764-3700 x3013

Email: [email protected]


Tracy Adams

Keyboard Specialist

Phone number: (315) 764-3700 x3010

Email: [email protected]



Amy Randolph

Payroll Clerk

Phone number: (315) 764-3700 x3009

Email: [email protected] 


Mallory Olson


Phone number: (315) 764-3700 x3012

Email: [email protected]



Nickolas Brouillette - Business Manager

Phone number: (315) 764-3700 x3006

Email: [email protected]