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Massena Central School District

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Title VI ~ Native American

What is Title VI?
Title VI is a federally funded formula grant program that currently services 270 Native students in the Massena Central School District. Our program continues to provide courses and services that support our Mohawk Language and Culture Instruction. We also provide academic instructional support and enrichment activities.
 Title VI, Part A – Indian Education supports the efforts to meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students to assist them in meeting the same challenging state student academic achievement standards as other students.
Title VI, Part A, Sub-Part 1 – Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies supports local educational agencies in their efforts to reform elementary school and secondary school programs that serve Indian students in order to ensure that such programs – (1) are based on challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards that are used for all students; and (2) are designed to assist Indian students in meeting those standards.
We are here to help you...
Name Shelby Bero Joanne Jocko Anna Thompson Nicole Smoke Ryan Ransom
ELA/Math Specialist 
Mohawk Club Advisor
Guidance Counselor Asst Mohawk Club Advisor
Title VI Coordinator
Support Study Specialist
Support Study Specialist
After School Mohawk Instructor - My Brother's Keeper Grant Coordinator
Location Jefferson Elem Jr. High School Sr. High School Sr. High School Sr. High School
Massena Central is fortunate to have many programs serving students. Some of these programs are housed right here in the school on a full time or part-time basis, others are available to come to the school on an as-needed basis.
Agency Name Phone Number Email
Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club Nikaiataa Skidders 518-358-9911
High School Principal Alan Oliver 315-764-3710 
Jefferson Elementary Principal Duane Richards 315-764-3730
JWL Jr. High School Principal Amanda Zullo 315-764-3720
Madison Elementary Principal Danielle Chapman 315-764-3740
Massena Athletic Dept. Gavin Regan 315-764-3710
Massena Boys & Girls Club Zach Monroe 315-705-6075
Massena Director of Curriculum Stephanie Allen 315-764-3700
Massena Director of Special Services Susan Lambert 518-358-6630
MCS Community Schools Coordinator Kristin Colarusso-Martin 315-764-3700
MCS Resource Officer Jody Daggett 315-764-3710
NCSTEP Ryan Ransom 315-705-8054
Nightengale Elementary Principal Amy Hornung 315-764-3750
SRMT – Adult/Child Protection Marla Light 518-358-9659 marla.daveylight@dfa.state.ny
SRMT – Intensive Preventive IPP-DSS Jean Square 518-358-3416
SRMT – Preventive Foster Care Joni Cole 518-358-4516 jonicole@dfa.state.ny
SRMT Education Division Stephanie Cook 518-358-2272
SRMT Mental Health Wahienhawi Hall 518-358-3141